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Thread: One weekend at the Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada

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    Default One weekend at the Wynn, Las Vegas, Nevada

    I was at the Wynn for a week to attend a trade show. We were staying in one of the Tower Suites, which is where the really plush rooms are. One night after the show, my friend and I were hungry, so we went downstairs to eat at one of the hotel restaurants.

    We picked a spot at the bar, and were sitting there eating, when I noticed, in a booth not too far from where we were, Steve Wynn himself. He was seated with a beautiful young lady, probably half his age. I noticed that they had finished eating, and the lady was looking at the dessert menu, trying to decide what to order.

    I motioned over our waiter.

    "Excuse me," I told him, "could you please let Mr. Wynn over there know that whatever dessert his guest orders, is on me. Please put her dessert order on my bill."

    Now this was a genuine offer. Our hotel suite had been comped - courtesy of a friend of ours who gambled so much that they would probably give him a whole row of rooms if he merely asked - but we were on a room comp only, since we ourselves did not gamble. Whatever food we ordered, was going to be paid for with cash - our own funds.

    The waiter nodded, and asked me, "Are you sure, Sir?"

    "Yes, absolutely." I motioned to him. "Go tell them."

    After a short while a huge guy walked up to us, barside, obviously Steve Wynn's bodyguard (or one of them, anyway).

    He started right in before I could guess his intentions. He was actually very polite.

    "Mr. Wynn would like to thank you for your kind offer," he said to me, "but all of Mr. Wynn's meals are comped." He paused for a moment. "Again, he would like to thank you."

    I just said, "All right, thank you." We finished up our meal and left. I didn't go over to say anything more - after all, this was Steve Wynn and anyway he was obviously occupied with his date. I knew that Wynn had recently filed for divorce (second time, same wife), so he was probably making up for lost time with this new babe.

    The next night, we were up in the suite again, and again decided to go down and get some dinner. This time though, we had had a few drinks before going down. Also, we decided to go to the Encore - the neighboring appendage to the Wynn.

    We settled on Japanese food this time. We walked into the restaurant, and were seated.

    Once again, just a couple of booths away, was Steve Wynn. He was again with the same beautiful brunette from the night before, but also with two other couples at the same table.

    I was feeling tipsy, and bold, and a little lighthearted, so I walked right up to their table. I wasted no time and started right in with my line.

    "I tried to buy Mr. Wynn dessert last night, and he refused, so I don't think anyone here has a prayer of buying him dinner."

    Everyone just roared with laughter. I must have said it just right, with the appropriate relaxed and nonplussed look on my face. Mr. Wynn's date, who I now realized was British from her accent, actually lifted his arm and guided it towards me, so that we could shake hands. Wynn is practically blind, and in the dark restaurant probably couldn't see anything at all.

    I shook hands with him as he laughed and thanked me. He asked me my name, and I gave it to him. Wynn wished me luck and said that it was very nice to meet me.
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