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Thread: MDawg's wins - TABULATED and VERIFIED!

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    Default MDawg's wins - TABULATED and VERIFIED!

    Mission146 at WOV spent some time tabulating MDawg's wins over at least 2019 - 2023. He did miss some sessions.

    Statistic Baccarat Blackjack Total
    Maximum 226000 101000 226000
    Minimum -115000 -29000 -115000
    Wins 293 147 440
    Losses 41 22 63
    Pct Wins 87.7% 87.0% 87.5%

    Baccarat: $3012705-$3027705
    Blackjack: $1547105
    Total: $4559810-$4574810

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    This has been a five year mission.

    All of my session reports are accurate. However, I believe the total number of hands played, and the average wager per hand, would be required to make sense of the results. There were losing sessions, including huge losing sessions along the way. Some of those losing sessions were not in the Adventures of MDawg thread, they were posted elsewhere at WOV or at other forums, so those aren’t included in Mission146’s calculations. (Mission146 recently added up my session results from at least 2019 - 2023 - they came in in the millions.) Mission146 did mention that he didn’t look at anything outside of the WOV Adventures thread and the one other forum.

    These sessions were spread out over about a dozen or so casinos.

    In any case, along the way, anyone wanting to challenge any session results could have undertaken the MDawg challenge

    And this is the MDawg challenge.

    Keep in mind too, that for security reasons, session reports are not necessarily presented in real time corresponding directly to the day played.

    I actually have not gone over closely the results that Mission146 has presented. I assume they are accurate, absent the missing sessions mentioned above. I did notice some discrepancies, that came down to misinterpretations of results where the results were not based on a simple session report total, but given that I was suspended for the past week, I started losing interest in going over everything line by line so I am just going to say that knowing Mission146’s thoroughness the tallied results are most likely correct, “or so” to use an expression of mine – meaning that they might be off.

    Along the way, I have explained more than once what I am doing as far as advantage play.

    When it comes to blackjack, I count cards, I shuffle track, and I play at tables where I insist on a hand shuffle. I’ve explained how I’m able to do this during the course of the thread more than once. I also have a memory that is good enough such that on at least a double deck I know what cards have been exposed and what cards remain in the deck, at any time.

    Wizard himself admitted that this sort of memory is more of a 1 in 10000 type thing and not unheard of and UnJon among others stated that he knew of others who could do the same.

    Here is someone who posted at WOV about this sort of thing, in October 2013, five years before I arrived at this forum, involving even an 8 deck game:

    As far as Baccarat, I have a way of knowing sometimes what the first card out the deck will be.

    I get loss rebates and have posted redacted pictures of these slips.

    I am invited to numerous high end tournaments and drawings and have won many of them. I have provided in the past to Wizard privately images verifying some of these wins.

    I get tons of gift cards, promo chips, comps.

    I have friends and associates who are very high net worth individuals who just go to Vegas to play, mostly slots actually, and they go where I go. If I’m out, they’re out.

    For at least the first few years of my play, I posted actual video of me logged into my player card accounts and navigating the pages including the pages where my WIN statements were. These WIN statements corroborated more or less the sum total of what I had claimed via session reports during the course of each given year.

    I have posted numerous challenges along the way, including one that involved challenging AxelWolf to find even one casino where I played other than the ones for which I posted verifications of WIN statements (besides the obvious – that at least the first few years of my session reports I named the casinos I was playing at along the way, and then at the end of the year provided the WIN statements for every casino mentioned – so it would be absurd to argue that I “left something out” because that would mean that I knew in advance at the start of the year that I was not going to win at a given casino such that I left that casino’s name out of any session reports or posts).

    I also made challenges to have these WIN statements verified directly at the casino, and no one took me up on that.

    Other challenges included having anyone match a $50K bankroll with me at the casino and winner takes all, each player to choose his game. I also wagered AxelWolf that I was in fact a high roller betting the amounts I claimed, and he backed down from taking the wager eventually after initially saying that he was raring to go with that (this was before the Wizard witnessed Dark Oz challenge).

    AxelWolf and others ended up declining to undertake numerous wagers I proposed, including that he could never get a cage check for a table game session win without actually having a verified pit win reported.

    I was also, as you know, observed playing Baccarat by Wizard and won during the session. This was known as the DarkOz Challenge, where I picked up $2000. from DarkOz (plus what I won in the session). During that session there was a Player run of 8 long, and I won every single hand during that run, and pressed into the run, the same way I have described in many of my session reports. In other words, the manner in which I play as described in countless (well, now counted – by Mission146) session reports mirrored the sort of play Wizard witnessed in the DarkOz challenge.

    After Wizard witnessed my play, we went to that casino’s VIP and up to my suite, which was one of the largest suites available at that casino (one of the majors on the Strip), and VIP also confirmed to the Wizard that I had been in that suite already for a couple of weeks.

    Since that witnessed session I have reported similar play in all of my sessions. Over the past few years especially my average bets have increased pretty dramatically as have my credit lines.

    Actual Wizard witnessed session

    It is interesting to note that prior to this Wizard witnessed session, everyone was going on and on about how “proving past results” meant nothing

    “That is the only thing that matters. Previous play is meaningless as it relates to this discussion.”

    in other words that “all that mattered” was proving that I could win at a witnessed session.

    Terapined posted this

    “No way Mdawg allows anybody to see the impossible
    Its impossible
    I read the wizard strategy on baccarat
    Play banker
    Any other strategy would be flushing down more money down the toilet
    No way Mdawg allows us to see him flushing lol”

    Which was representative of what many were saying at that point, that there was no way I would ever show my face to anyone and play in front of Wizard, and as well he “brilliantly” opined that no one would play Baccarat other than betting only Bank. Anyway, he was proven wrong on both counts, along with a good many others.

    It is interesting to note that this thread is only about past results, while the crowd was stumbling over their feet (before I was witnessed playing) to state that only future play mattered.

    I have provided privately to Wizard, copies of casino cage checks marked “pit verified winnings” totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars. I have met Wizard socially many times and had as much as $100,000. in chips in my pocket during at least one of these meetups, and wasn’t planning to even see him at that exact time so it was simply because I happened to have come directly from casino play that I had any chips on me at all.

    I have run into Wizard at gaming conventions wearing some of the watches of which I have posted pictures.

    I was initially thinking of elaborating even further on how and why all of this is done, and why it matters, but then I started to think that unless I’m planning to stop doing any of this, whatever I have posted on the subject is public record already, and any of you are free to look up those posts, so I don’t see much benefit to me trying to nail down and further clarify what I’ve already said.

    One thing that needs to be addressed is how and why in October 2021, I posted something about how I was “about even.” I have discussed this with Wizard and he agrees that the truth about this needs to be posted given that Mission146 has taken the time to go through all of these session reports.

    I posted that “about even” statement to get my thread unhidden. Wizard and I met that day socially, for about an hour in a casino VIP lounge, as he showed me some magic tricks and discussed “what it would take” to get the thread unhidden. We did not go over any session results. The “about even” post was made as an accommodation to get my thread unhidden, that’s it.

    As far as back up for that I really do play at these levels, I have provided over the past years photographic evidence of my play which includes:

    -stacks of cash
    -stacks of chips
    -millions of dollars in paid off markers
    Why show markers?

    -casino checks issued for wins
    -pictures and videos of high end timepieces
    -pictures of winning Baccarat shoes
    -pictures of large Vegas high roller suites
    -pictures of gourmet meals eaten at casino resort restaurants
    -pictures of the television screen inside the suites, and paper folios, that prove full RFB comps.
    -actual video of WIN statements while logged in live to player card accounts to substantiate alleged wins

    Included in today’s photos will be some of the comments made by Wizard along the way as he examined my evidence. I could find a lot more occasions where Wizard has posted corroborating evidence in my favor, but with the change in format of the forum from 10 to 50 posts per page, most of the URL records I had retained have changed and I don’t particularly feel like spending the time tracking them all done. But the posts are all there, public record.

    Beyond that, you’re all on your own for searching through my threads for what I may have posted. As mentioned, I’m probably not done playing and winning in Vegas so I don’t want to disclose everything that I do, even though I have stated that I was thinking about retiring the champ because I have some business opportunities that require me to be in a state other than Nevada almost full time. Privately, Wizard and I during the past week have gotten into some more detail over exactly how and why I win.

    Bottom line, as far as I know, no one in the history of WOV, VCT or GF had provided much evidence of much of anything – other than MDawg.

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