He buys in with cashier's check for front money, then takes all his winnings in cash? If so, that implies that his goal is to impress his online audience with stacks of cash because no serious player would take large winnings in cash that just opens you up to CTRs that might need to be explained both because of casino withdrawals and bank deposits. $50K, even $100K, okay maybe, but when I cash out those stacks it might be because I have a specific need for the cash, and in general, I prefer casino checks to cash for my winnings. Also if Mikki keeps putting cash into his bank accounts to buy those cashier's checks that also gets him CTRs when the source of a cashier's check is tied directly to those sums of cash, which could lead to getting his bank accounts shut down.

Point is that if in fact he's winning those amounts and he is choosing deliberately to cash his chips for cash only versus casino checks, he must really think it's worth all the potential headaches with the government and his banks. OR, he's not really winning and he's just converting some of his chips to cash because the casino won't give him any checks because he has no verified net wins.


I can show you stacks and stacks of checks from casinos for pit verified winnings, marked as “verified wins” – can Mikki?