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Thread: Hamas attack on Israel is not terrorism it is self defense

  1. Default Hamas attack on Israel is not terrorism it is self defense

    Since 1967, when Israel unlawfully occupied the West Bank, there has been great conflict between Israel and its second class Palestinian citizens that the Israelis have been repressing.

    Israel says it needs the West Bank as a "buffer" between it and Jordan, just like the Gaza Strip is a buffer between it and Egypt, and Golan, between it and Syria.

    Buffer or not, Israel has continuously mistreated the non-Jews who occupy these territories, and created continuous strife and conflict.

    Today, as Hamas attacks Israel it is simply expressing its need for autonomy, and for Israel to leave finally at least the West Bank. Israel needs to withdraw from all occupied territories and give the Palestinians what the Jews lacked for so long - a homeland. Of all people the Jew should understand the Palestinian need for autonomy and a homeland.

    This conflict will be bloody, and no doubt Israel's superior military power and backing from the United States will allow it to inflict great harm on the Palestinians, but the conflict will continue as long as Israels fails to recognize a long term solution that includes Palestinian autonomy and the return of illegally seized lands.

    Hamas surprise attack out of Gaza stuns Israel and leaves hundreds dead in fighting, retaliation

    Asked by reporters how Hamas had managed to catch the army off guard, Lt. Col. Richard Hecht, an Israeli army spokesman, replied, �That�s a good question.�

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    I agree it's not as simple as "Hamas killed civilians therefore they are terrorists," because the Jews have been repressing the non-Jews at least since 1967, when they seized the Sinai Peninsula, Golan Heights, Gaza Strip and the West Bank. Since that time, they have treated the inhabitants of these occupied territories as badly as the Nazis treated the Jews when they rounded them into ghettos.

    But, not as badly as when the Nazis hauled the Jews into gas chambers.

    In any case, I agree that there won't be peace in that area until Israel returns at least some of the occupied territories to its occupants including the Palestinians and allows them to have full autonomy. It's just a powder keg situation over there with rampant oppression and right wing Jews getting more and more bold with attacking non-Jews. The Israelis know that any Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal and should have been dismantled long ago.

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    Yes I must to agree we must to stop the jew.

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    Nazism rose because the Germans were beaten down too hard after WW I. What does Israel expect the Palestinians to do now? take it lying down?

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