Chris Christie warns that if Biden wins the election, that the Democrats will push through a number of changes, including eliminating the filibuster.

Chris Christie warns if Trump wins the GOP nomination 'we're going to lose this election'

“We simply cannot expect that someone who is facing this number of criminal trials, and, quite frankly, the conduct that underlies those charges, can be a viable fall election candidate against Joe Biden,” Christie said. “And if we lose to Joe Biden, Republicans need to understand that we’re going to be looking at a packed Supreme Court, we’re going to be looking at the end of the filibuster, and a number of other issues that folks like me and the rest of the folks in our party can’t have.”

But which party was trying to get rid of the filibuster first? As far as recent history, in 2005, Republicans tried to eliminate the filibuster for at least judicial nominations, so it is nothing new that the party in charge of Congress will try to eliminate the filibuster. Perhaps the Democrats will try soon, but the Republicans have tried in the past too. It is meaningless for one side or the other to say that "if the other side has the majority, they will try to eliminate the filibuster" as this argument applies to both Democrats and Republicans.

Whoever is on top at that moment may try to eliminate the filibuster, and then try to shove their demands down the other side's throats. That is the sort of bipartisan logjam we have arrived at these days.