This is the world we live in these days - masked, and taking precautions to avoid coronavirus.

We stayed away from Vegas from March 2020, until October 2020, when we finally decided to go, and - ended up staying about seventy days! It was quite a trip, won a lot, everything was comp'ed, and we had a great time. But - things were different this time around. We avoided eating out (pretty much take-out only), and attended no public gathering events, not even the few private VIP ones that the casino set up for us.

The first time I went to the tables with a mask on, I was concerned that it would put a damper on things. But, I won again, as usual, and didn't really have much to complain about. I am still not used to wearing a mask, and more than a few times upon leaving the suite I was about at the elevator when I realized that I had forgotten to wear one, and had to go back to don it.

But in the end, it really wasn't such a big deal, and even here at home, whenever out, whether at the gym, or anyplace else, we wear masks. It's the only sensible thing to do these days, and in the end, yes, it is and has become the world we live in now. Life goes on.