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Thread: Coronavirus is no joke symptoms may linger indefinitely

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    Default Coronavirus is no joke symptoms may linger indefinitely

    : They Survived the Coronavirus, but They Never Got Well

    Alyssa Milano says she still has heart palpitations, is forgetting words following positive coronavirus test

    Don't think that there is such a thing as completely asymptomatic coronavirus. Even though who think they beat it may develop problems later in life, such as blood clots, enlarged heart and respiratory problems. WHO KNOW what lurks within that nasty virus. This is not something you want to catch!

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    Default Free coronavirus tests at CVS Pharmacies

    During the last couple months, while in Vegas, I have taken more than a few Covid tests (PCR) all negative. Just every time I feel anything like a little cough or whatever, I go schedule another test. Generally, for a PCR (which is the most accurate) test, must schedule a few days in advance. By the time the test date arrives, I feel fine, but I just go in anyway. For one or two I dragged my wife in too, but finally she declared that she would no longer go and that if I am negative, she assumes she must be too.

    In Vegas, and throughout the country, these PCR tests, which are good for travel too including abroad and to Hawaii, are administered by CVS Pharmacies. You just drive up to the CVS pharmacy window in your car and self-administer the test don't even have to be around any people. Even when I have taken the test on a Friday, I've received test results negative within 48 hours maximum. Take the test on a Monday - Thursday and you should receive results within 24 hours.

    All tests are free. I provide my insurance card, but even without it any US resident with a social security number may obtain the tests free.

    Knowing how easy to schedule these tests are, and that they are free with results provided rapidly, I shake my head at these athletes (and others) who provided faked test results.

    A former N.B.A. player is arrested, accused of using a fake Covid test to enter Hawaii.

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