Most blackjack counters will stick with a 1 to 8 spread, meaning that they will go up to 8X their low bet when the count is positive enough.

I used to spread between table min and table max, in other words, a 100X spread, and clock the casinos consistently. Does a 100X spread make sense? Well, when you consider that the way professional teams do it, when they signal in the "big player" who sits down and goes to town, does that big player waste time with a mere 8X the minimum or does he bet big to win big as quickly as possible?

While it is true that going to table max attracts attention, I am a known big player to begin with and I got away with playing like that for some time until I was banned from blackjack for two years (not banned - just handicapped to limiting my spread to 3X). Eventually this ban was lifted, and to this day I may play however I like, although - again - if I do keep playing nothing but table min and table max for too long, I could get banned again.

Still, if you're a grinder, stick to what works for you, but for me, I'm not going to adjust my play to avoid attracting attention. If I'm going to get banned again from BJ it's going to be for clocking them for huge sums.