The primary protection a mask provides is against transmission. This is why everyone's wearing a mask is what really matters. If just one person in the room is infected, and not wearing a mask, all the others, even all wearing masks, are at risk.

First, let's set aside the imbeciles who believe that a mask provides no protection at all. Tests show that any mask at all protects against transmission better than no mask.

But which masks work best?

Without a mask, droplets from coughing may travel 12 feet.

With a bandana, droplets travel up to 3.5 feet, and with a handkerchief, more than a foot.

It turns out that a two ply fabric mask, made at home, protects quite well, reducing the transmission to just 2.5 inches. (Even the cone shaped masks reduce to 8 inches.)

So don't be shy...wear that mask, and hope that others are mindful enough of your health, to do the same!

Visualization shows exactly how face masks stop COVID-19 transmission | Live Science