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Thread: Dreaming about craps

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    Default Dreaming about craps

    I played some craps when I first started gambling, and had more than a few huge wins.

    It's a long story that's worthy of its own chapter in a book, but sometimes when I walk by a craps table I remember one of the first nights I bet big, I put three thousand on the line with max odds behind on a point of nine, and this REALLY cute redhead who kept rolling and rolling hit it and I had some idea that I had won a lot, but not even really knowing exactly how much, and when I found out that I had just won twelve thousand dollars I slammed my fist on the edge of the table so hard my chips in the rack went flying up in the air slow motion style straight out of Sharon Stone's epic first scene in Casino. Between this girl and others at the table including my own rolls I walked with over thirty grand.

    But then I also think of the few times I was leaning against the table looking down at my last few thousand left on my $20K line, which is what my lines were in those days, and tipping out quarters to the cocktail waitress because I figured that way at least someone would end up with something. And those losing memories are why I quit craps play within a year of starting it. I think the big wins ended up cancelling out the losses, but I just never managed to win consistently at that game versus my experience with other table games.

    Still, when I think of that night with the redhead my heart gets tugged back into the game at least until my head starts reasoning me back to reality.

    Last night I had a dream about craps. I was at a table at the Golden Nugget Vegas, which I haven't played there in many years, and was winning big, amassing different colors of high denomination chips, that kept stacking higher and higher. It was definitely a good experience. Not quite as good as the reality of that night of the big win with the redhead, but nice nonetheless.
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