Thoughts on Inside the Edge…and that’s why I would never want to make a living at gambling. What a grind! Unlike KC, I never had to move beyond the invited guest / high roller stage because I never needed the money, it was and continues to be just a game to me, where I have to win, but don’t need to.

By the way, while KC was thinking that it was variance that was killing him during the winter, when his bankroll went from 650 to 300K, I think it was more that he got tired…the cold winter’s drag of the mid-west and back east got to him…he wasn’t playing at his best…and then as soon as he hit Florida and the Bahamas, back on track. Mere coincidence? that he started winning again in the warmer nicer locales, or was it that they wore him down for a period? in the cold.

In any case, variance, cold or not playing at his best, just shows how big wins (or losses) might happen at any time. I don’t necessarily agree with his altering basic strategy to the point of doubling a hard nine against a dealer ten face up just because the count is plus 3. Seeing the hole card or having the dealer TELL me his hole card, yes I've experienced that, in a scenario like that, sure, I've altered basic strategy greatly.

So he won $450K busting his ass for a year. Back when I played much harder, I have won almost that in just one trip having a great time as an invited guest fully comp’ed and been invited back. Whatever he is doing is not a sustainable game plan, and I think he realizes it, otherwise why show all his different faces on a nationally broadcast movie.

I’ll stick with what works, and hiding just to play at a casino is not something I’d ever want to do. I have a thousand other ways to make a lot more money in the real world, so to keep ‘em happy, I’ll keep switching up between black jack and Baccarat, and winning at both. Always keep the casinos guessing.