This is a graphic, violent French movie (subtitled in English) that opens with the murder of some kind of sadistic sexual predator in a hellish gay club, and travels back in time to reveal the reason behind the killing: that the murder was in revenge for a brutal rape of one of of the murderer's girlfriend. By the end of the movie we realize that the party murdered was the wrong guy, not even the one who committed the rape.

Much of the movie is depicted in a jerky cinematography that makes it hard to even see what is going on, although the ten minute long rape scene is presented in straight on traditional shots that make you want to flinch away.

Does the movie have any meaning? It ends with a scene that seems quite disconnected from the reverse-chronology of the rest of the film, and is offered without explanation. There is no happy ending here though, and the final words flashed across the screen "Time destroys everything" seem to be the central theme of the movie, that over time there may be no lasting happiness, or, more directly that the events of the past...are Irreversible.