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Thread: How to win at Gambling

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    Gambling, like any other business, must be profitable. But if you couldn't win at the casino, no one would play there. It is possible to increase the profit without breaking the rules if you use bonuses and win them back in slots with high payout percentages. I can recommend the best online casinos with many years of experience, licenses, and an impeccable reputation Don't forget to control yourself, especially after a big win or loss. It is better to finish the game with a zero balance than replenish it, lose and make the black streak of bad luck even blacker.

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    As this monster four plus month Vegas trip comes to a close, I have some thoughts.

    Over all what I have found is that CONTROL is what affects the outcome of a casino trip more than anything else. Win or losses happen constantly but how you deal with them is what affects the session results.

    The play isn’t what makes the difference in the end - so much as how you react to it. I had more than a few sessions in early part of this latest trip where I came back to even and just left with a few hunny, content. Towards trip end I noticed that I’d get back to even and just want to keep playing.

    Early in the trip anytime I started to lose I’d just deal with it calmly and get out of it. Later in the trip I’d get agitated and while sometimes the losses would lead to a massive win sometimes it would lead to a big loss. So what happens after too many sessions in a row is you start losing control.

    Also earlier in the trip walking ahead even a few k was easy. After getting used to big wins it somehow became harder to walk ahead unless well ahead. Over all - the more you play the more worn out you might get and greater potential for mishap.

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