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Thread: Trump biggest loser in history of U.S.

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    Default Trump biggest loser in history of U.S.

    Seems that so far from being the huge success story he has claimed, (surprise! he lied) President Grump lost more money in the 1980s than any other individual in the U.S.
    Donald Trump's emperor-has-no-clothes moment on his wealth is here - CNNPolitics
    From 1985 - 1994, Grump lost more than a billion dollars!

    Not a winner, a loser!

    Not only that, but so far from being self made (another lie, surprised?), he derived all his wealth from his father, who transferred illegally some $413 million to him, which Grump proceeded to lose, at a prodigious rate.

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    Hey, I'd like to lose a billion dollars as well. It would mean I made a billion. haha

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