Much has been made of Elon Musk’s recent interview
where he alternately laughed and cried while discussing the excesses and toils of the last year at TSLA. This interview led to a brief sell off of TSLA’s stock as many assumed that Musk was coming unraveled.

But another visionary, Steve Jobs, also used to cry, including often at the workplace as, he put it,"Every once in a while, I find myself in the presence of purity - purity of spirit and love - and I always cry."

Musk’s emotional excesses are a by product of passion, and genius, and not weakness. It sometimes takes an extraordinary not run of the mill type to take a new groundbreaking venture to its heights of success. People should be buying not selling TSLA as they realize that it is run by a Thomas Edison like perseverant. As Musk himself put it, if there is someone better available to run TSLA, let him come forward. No such person presently exists. Musk should be left alone to take TSLA to where it belongs - the stratosphere. There is always a price to pay for innovation, and perhaps Musk is paying that personal price beneath the wheel while guiding his company to success.