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    Note: "chin" is Southern California slang for, cocaine. Brown, is slang for heroin.

    Eric and Ethan Chaw grew up in La Jolla but ended up in a Mission Valley condo as their parents divorced and their mom somehow ended up just middle class. Not sure what happened to their dad.

    Both of the brothers did MASS chin and chaw but eventually Eric went mainstream and got a job in the mortgage brokerage business. His cancer hit him after he had cleaned up and was living a square existence.

    Many years ago, what happened was, I arrived at Ethan's condo but he wouldn't let me in because he had done too much chin and was paranoid that his mom would come home and find two chinsters in the house and kick him out, because she was about at the end of her rope with his chinmongering ways. So I went out to my car, and I did too much chin and got paranoid myself. I think that particular batch of chin we had was adulterated with some kind of stimulant other than chin. But the main problem was that I did WAY too much, way too fast, in an insecure unprotected environment like in a car. My mind started playing tricks with me.

    I got out of the car to go to the condo after a while, because I figured by then Ethan's mom would be gone. Or anyway, that�s what I was thinking in my chinned out thoughts.

    So then 12 and I kid you not � I became convinced that robbers were chasing me so I bolted towards the condo at breakneck speeds, and started taking twenty dollar bills out of my pocket and flinging them behind me in an effort to slow down my assailants. I figured they would stop to pick up the cash, and leave me alone. I eventually got to the condo and went inside.

    Almost immediately it started raining like crazy � and by now it was dark. I settled down and realized what I had done. I got on the phone with my browner friend and told him what I had done and that Ethan and I were going outside to find my money.

    Amazingly, in the dark, with flashlights, we picked up about $200. off the ground which was all or most of what I had tossed. I had left my cell phone on, and my friend said that he could hear us shouting, �Here�s another one!� �I found one!� �There!� �There!� for about twenty minutes.

    �Coke bugs, kid,� Joe said, holding eggs up to the light. �I was travelling with Irene Kelly and her was a sporting woman. In Butte, state of Montany, her got the coke horrors and run through the hotel screaming Chinese coppers chase her with meat cleavers. I knew this cop in Chi sniff coke used to come in form of crystals, blue crystals. So her go nuts and start screaming the Federals is after him and run down this alley and stick his head in the garbage can. And I said, �What you think you are doing? and her say, �Get away or I shoot you! I got myself hid good!�
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