At my high school there was a frosty brunette named Mary, that many considered the prettiest girl in the class. I didn’t quite feel that way towards her – she just seemed too chaste for my taste. There was only once that I felt a sexual desire towards Mary and that was one time when I talked to her in the little cul de sac by the side entrance to the school. Her white private school blouse was a little wet for some reason and her breasts were somehow heaving under them and clearly outlined. She could tell I was aroused too and she was reacting.

I spent some time alone with Mary outside of school and she even visited me at my house but I just never felt much sexually towards her she just seemed a little cold to me.

A different girl in the class - Lisa - I always held a sexual chemistry with, a desire that was eventually consummated a few years after we graduated. But with Mary, no, I did not feel that way, except for that one time.

I'm still wondering why Mary's blouse was wet that afternoon. She knew she had me going too she was smiling as she noticed that I got quiet and not quite stared but definitely looked hard with my mouth slightly open at her heaving chest. It was like something out of a movie where her mouth kept moving but the soundtrack gradually went dead. I mean there was some point to our interaction she was trying to say something to me but it was all drowned out in the vision of her full breasts.