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    Interesting in that early this morning I was...

    Interesting in that early this morning I was having dreams of flying. Not in any kind of craft, but simply soaring by flapping my arms.

    But, this was a while before Kobe's crash which was at...
  2. US assassination of Iran's general Qassam Soleimani will only strengthen the regime

    The theory is - assassinate Iran's top military leader and you weaken Iran's ability to wage war outside its borders. True, General Soleimani was vital to Iran's military, and his absence will, at...
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    Irreversible (2002) meaning? Gaspar Noe

    This is a graphic, violent French movie (subtitled in English) that opens with the murder of some kind of sadistic sexual predator in a hellish gay club, and travels back in time to reveal the reason...
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    Why do Hawaiians love SPAM?

    No, not the unsolicited email, the salty canned meat.
    You'd think that with all the fresh fish available on the Islands, they'd eschew something as unhealthful and processed as Spam.

    Well, it...
  5. Testing external titles with PHP-FM on: 13 Times...

    Testing external titles with PHP-FM on:
    13 Times Apparent Trump Supporters Attacked, Harassed Or Plotted To Kill Muslims | HuffPost
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  8. This police officer, on the other hand, used...

    This police officer, on the other hand, used restraint and did not draw his gun, even when attacked by a gang of teens. He assessed the situation properly, as not requiring deadly force. Deadly...
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    Introducing mdawg

    MDawg is a new member here who approached me with the idea of a sub-forum devoted only to gambling, and Vegas. We may spin this off into its own devoted website forum in the future, but for now,...
  10. Joker with Joaquin Phoenix may disappoint on some levels

    As I watched the dark cello playing violence of Todd Phillips' Joker unfold, I rode with it mostly because I followed it as the story of how Batman's Joker became the messed up criminal that he is -...
  11. El Paso Walmart shooting at Cielo Vista Mall: what really bothers me

    What really bothers me about this is the ability of some scumbag to walk into a public place and shoot up twenty people dead. But how to stop it?

    We're a frontier descendent arms right bearing...
  12. Instagram is contributing to the Malcontentedness of Today's Society

    The “Instagram celebrity (and pseudo-celebrity) set” is a great part of why the youts of today are malcontent. They see those plastic surgery and photoshop enhanced faces and bodies dripping luxury...
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    Lamborghini Crash kills two in L.A.

    Lamborghini Crash Leaves Photographer and Girlfriend Dead |

    Joel David White, 25, and his girlfriend, Luiza Vaagnovna Karakhanyan, 19, were on their way to pick up their friend,...
  14. Is there a danger from esophagal cancer from steam rooms and saunas?

    Hot tea may raise esophageal cancer risk
    According to recent studies, drinking hot liquids, such as tea, over 140 degrees fahrenheit or especially over 142 degrees, increases the risk of esophageal...
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    Trump biggest loser in history of U.S.

    Seems that so far from being the huge success story he has claimed, (surprise! he lied) President Grump lost more money in the 1980s than any other individual in the U.S.
    Donald Trump's...
  16. Why do people end up homeless and on the streets?

    I think people end up homeless due to a confluence of two things:

    1. Some kind of addiction (drugs, alcohol, gambling)
    -----often (though not necessarily) combined with some kind of...
  17. Man plummets off 300-foot cliff into caldera of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano been there!

    Man plummets off 300-foot cliff into caldera of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

    Been to Volcanoes National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii many times, most recently just last month. I've always...
  18. Michael Cohen is telling the truth about Trump

    Michael Cohen testifies Trump is a racist who has committed crimes in office, lied about campaign ties to Russia - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    In his testimony today, Michael Cohen outlined...
  19. Trump won the 2016 election due to less than 80,000 votes across three states

    In 2016, Clinton ended with 230 electoral votes / Trump with 306. It takes 270 to win.

    These were the three key states, that swung the election. PA, MI and WI. If their 46 electoral votes had...
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    Is R Kelly the perpretator or victim?

    Based on charges that date back as far as 2008
    R. Kelly's total bond set at $1 million dollars - CNN
    R Kelly is in jail with a $1M bail.

    Is he guilty? Probably. But is he really a flight risk...
  21. Will sticking a fork in a live plugged in toaster electrocute you?

    I don't know, but I just did it. I was standing barefoot on a wool Persian rug in the kitchen while trying to extract some bread from the toaster with a metal fork. There was a terrific spark and...
  22. Why did Suge Knight accept a 28 year plea and sentence?

    Suge Knight, former rap mogul, sentenced to 28 years in prison for hit-and-run death - CNN

    I believe there are two reasons - other than the obvious that he may have been worried about getting a...
  23. Hey Geoffrey Owens from The Cosby Show may not be a millionaire but he's not a rapist

    'Cosby Show' star Geoffrey Owens reacts to controversy about his Trader Joe's job: 'I was really devastated' - AOL Entertainment

    A lot has been made of the fact that actor Geoffrey Owens from the...
  24. Great men of excess like Elon Musk and Steve Jobs were known to cry

    Much has been made of Elon Musk’s recent interview
    where he alternately laughed and cried while discussing the excesses...
  25. Trump regime wants the communists to assume control in Iran?

    Iran Hawks Should Be Careful What They Wish For Foreign Policy

    The U.S. is hoping that the current regime in Iran will collapse. Apparently, they are hoping that the Mujahideen assume control
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