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  1. Welcome to TruePassage. Everything here is...

    Welcome to TruePassage. Everything here is anonymous so you may post freely without worry.
  2. Tiger Woods crashes car - not the first time

    Tiger Woods rolled his SUV and was injured yesterday, while speeding to try to make it on time to a photo shoot.
    Tiger Woods Badly Injured In Car Crash, First Video of Him Driving Minutes Before
  3. William M Wrigley Jr. expected to live to 100 - died at 70.

    Wrigley once said that he took such good care of himself that he expected to live to 100, but he keeled over at 70 from a mild heart attack and indigestion. You just never know!

    His taking good...
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    Ted Cruz is a through and through Kook

    First he sidles up to Grump even after his wife is dissed as ugly.
    After insulting tweet, Cruz tells Trump: Leave my wife 'the hell alone'

    Then he supports the attack on the Nation's Capitol....
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    Phil Spector dead at 81

    Music Producer Phil Spector Dead at 81 from COVID-19

    He was known for the "Wall of Sound." And murder.

    "I think I killed someone" were the damning words he told a 911 operator, after shooting...
  6. The Domino Effect of ex-President Trump's rapid downfall

    Grump will now be remembered mostly for the heinous insurrection he provoked on January 6, 2021. That will be his most lasting legacy - the man who drove insurgents into the Capitol.

    He already...
  7. Grump loses it over lost twitter account. Trump...

    Grump loses it over lost twitter account.
    Trump went after being tossed off Twitter - POLITICO

    The president is “ballistic,” a senior administration official said after Twitter permanently took...
  8. “If this election were overturned by mere...

    “If this election were overturned by mere allegations from the losing side our democracy would enter a death spiral. We’d never see the whole nation accept the election again,” McConnell said.
  9. Trump ends up losing the House, White House and Senate

    Rick Tyler, a Grump critic who was a political advisor to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, said: “You would have to credit President Grump with completing his trifecta of losing the House, the...
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    A paiza or paizi or gerege (Middle Mongolian:...

    A paiza or paizi or gerege (Middle Mongolian: Гэрэгэ, Mongolian: Пайз, Persian: پایزه‎ pāiza, Chinese: 牌子 páizi) was a tablet carried by Mongol officials and envoys to signify certain privileges and...
  11. Trump promised to drain the swamp, instead he's pardoning political criminals

    Grump promised to drain the swamp, instead he's pardoning political criminals right and left.

    Trump issues 26 new pardons, including for Stone, Manafort and Charles Kushner - CNNPolitics

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    Last Days of a petty dictator

    Terminally ill state elector brings a sharpie, in a rib at former President Grump, as he casts his electoral college vote for President Biden.

    Washington State Elector With Terminal Health Issue...
  13. Grump continues to make an ass of himself post election defeat

    Wasted ridiculous lawsuits, nonsensical twitter posts.

    He and his whole family now resemble a Greek tragedy is what I have read all over the internet. A total, JOKE.
  14. FALSE lie conspiracy theory about fake watermarked ballots

    Various stories are going around about how the military supposedly secretly watermarked select ballots and that this somehow leads itself to proof that the Democrats distributed fake ballots.

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    Welcome! also to BarbaraSmith.

    Welcome! also to BarbaraSmith.
  16. No matter what the outcome of the U.S. Election - Trump has lost - badly

    With all his pathetic posts about "Voter Fraud" and "Stop the Count" and absurd "Hail Mary" lawsuits being filed to cast a desperate cloud over legitimate election results (all of which, will FAIL),...
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    Trump is losing - badly

    Anyone who still thinks Grump has any chance at all of winning this election is hopelessly lost.
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    Grump's out of his mind...looney as an Arcturian...

    Grump's out of his mind...looney as an Arcturian dogbird! due to all those meds and c-virus spirocheting through his addled brain.
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    Does Trump really have coronavirus?

    Yes, he does. Ironic that some of his moronic followers think otherwise though.

    That something like this would help him is an equally idiotic thought.
  20. Trump blows Presidential Debate by fomenting uncertainty

    Unwilling to accept the inevitable loss about to be handed to him, Grump repeated his absurd allegation of widespread voter fraud and couldn't even ask his supporters to stay calm while election...
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    "He’s done": George Conway predicts Trump will...

    "He’s done": George Conway predicts Trump will wind up "bankrupt" and a "criminal defendant"
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    Vote him out! then...Lock him up.

    Ex-Watergate Prosecutor Says Trump And Ivanka Could Both Face Prison

    A former federal prosecutor during the Watergate proceedings that brought down President Richard Nixon says new tax...
  23. Coronavirus is no joke symptoms may linger indefinitely

    : They Survived the Coronavirus, but They Never Got Well

    Alyssa Milano says she still has heart palpitations, is forgetting words following positive coronavirus test

    Don't think that there is...
  24. Trump has been losing money every year since 2012

    It's not just that he is a failure - it's that he's a failed businessman, losing money every year since 2016, according to his filed taxes.
    Donald Trump Has Been Losing Money Every Year Since 2012 ...
  25. What is annoying is not just that Trump paid only $750. in taxes for 2016

    but that the POS keeps lying about it.

    Six key findings from the New York Times' Trump taxes bombshell | US news | The Guardian

    Biden says voters will repay GOP for Barrett confirmation - Los...
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