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    Welcome newbie.

    Welcome newbie.
  2. The only true sobriety is total abstinence from all mind altering substances

    Dax Shepard reveals opioid addiction a

    Dax Shepard finally "came clean" and admitted that he had been loaded off prescription drugs for years, and only now finally had seven days of actual clean...
  3. Drew Barrymore is a practicing alcoholic and drug addict

    In her teens she went to 12 Step Meetings (A.A.), stopping ingesting all substances and admitted to being an alcoholic.

    Then at some point she decided she was a "normie" and resumed drinking.
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    Not all the Po Po are the enemy

    : How protesters protected a lone cop, a moment captured in powerful photos

    Five black protesters formed a human chain to protect a police officer, a person of color and half Pakistani himself,...
  5. Does not sound like a justified shooting. Does...

    Does not sound like a justified shooting. Does not sound like perfect self defense.
  6. People are going to be smoking hash on the streets in Vegas!

    Well, not exactly on the streets, but in designated marijuana smoking lounges.
    Marijuana lounges approved by Las Vegas City Council | Las Vegas Local Breaking News, Headlines |
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    Whatever the guy did or did not do, you gotta...

    Whatever the guy did or did not do, you gotta feel for him after seeing this picture


    I mean seriously he looks like the ruptured night watchman from a James Wright poem....
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    Shitake in pants

    Friend asked:

    Have you ever walked into a restaurant and smelled

    No but once I was the source. We’d gone to this new fish eatery in Encinitas, in 1992 I believe it was, and my gf...
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    Chinmongering ways

    Note: "chin" is Southern California slang for, cocaine. Brown, is slang for heroin.

    Eric and Ethan Chaw grew up in La Jolla but ended up in a Mission Valley condo as their parents divorced and...
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    Cognacs, very old, very rare

    A friend wrote to me telling me he was drinking some Hennessey and Coke.

    That's a 200+ year old cognac with a wax sealed stopper. And a designer, as a pompous friend of mine would put it, very...
  11. We are NOT going to pay for these little things

    When we were about eight years old or so, my Dad took us to – I believe it was Big Five in the San Gabriel Valley area near our home in L.A., and bought three sets of fishing equipment, plus lots and...
  12. Drugs already decriminalized in Portugal since 2001

    Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies | Glenn Greenwald | Cato Institute: White Paper

    On July 1, 2001, a nationwide law in Portugal took effect...
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    Vegas Heroin Addicts

    Las Vegas Heroin Addicts on LVTV -- Las Vegas Entertainment | thirdivan

    An interview with Las Vegas heroin addicts. The interviewer Rico Hayes looks like a crystal addict to me! Very rich!
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    Tainted cocaine kills 3, sickens dozens

    Tainted cocaine kills 3, sickens dozens - US news - Crime & courts | NBC News

    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. Nearly a third of all cocaine seized in the United States is laced with a dangerous veterinary...
  15. Mexico decriminalizes small-scale drug possession

    Mexican law decriminalizes small drug use |

    Mexico decriminalized small amounts of marijuana, cocaine and heroin on Friday a move that prosecutors say makes sense even in the midst...
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    Lexington Narcotics Farm

    At a Tiny New York Farm, Seeking Freedom From Addiction...a two-acre organic vegetable farm bordered by a forest and gentle hills, where two...
  17. The meaning interpretation of The Rolling Stones' song lyrics "Bitch"

    The Rolling Stones song "Bitch" is about doing heroin - specifically, a speedball mix of heroin and cocaine.

    This is why the singer is "juiced up and sloppy" but "ain't touched a drink all night."...
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    I mean it was bumpy, but she-eet

    Bumpy airline rides I learned are nothing.

    The one time something almost did happen, we had just taken off from SAN on way to RNO. Shortly after takeoff something went wrong and the plane's...
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    No no Negro! You can't do that.

    My black friend and I were playing blackjack on a train - we were going to a party in L.A. He did something that is not allowed by the rules, so I pretty much shouted NO NO NO NEGRO! YOU CAN'T DO...
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    December 2000

    DECEMBER 2000

    I’d cut back to the point where just a touch of the brown stuff in the spoon kept me well and gave me a warm glow. Physically, I knew I probably still didn’t look that good. And...
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