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    58 year old vital signs have stabilized! blood...

    58 year old vital signs have stabilized! blood pressure normal. Now breathing 7% on his own - two days ago was breathing entirely with respirator aid.
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    The 58 year old is not doing well. His vital...

    The 58 year old is not doing well. His vital signs are unstable and he was put on a respirator today.
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    Blood Plasma treatment for coronavirus

    Two we know came down with coronavirus, one 58 years old, the other 56 both male, both no preexisting health conditions.

    The 56 year year old didn't experience severe symptoms and is at home...
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    What constitutes a good movie?

    Well, there are movies you watch just to see what happens at the end.

    And then there are movies you watch, wishing that they hadn't ended.
  5. Senator Burr served with search warrant as he is probed for insider stock trading

    FBI serves warrant on senator in investigation of stock sales linked to coronavirus - Los Angeles Times

    Senator Burr sold off stocks just before the coronavirus Under the STOCK act, lawmakers are...
  6. But be careful! Feds arrest 2 men in first fraud...

    But be careful!
    Feds arrest 2 men in first fraud case involving PPP loan program for small businesses hurt by coronavirus
    make sure that whatever you claim is verifiable, and accurate!
  7. Why work when the government is handing out free coronavirus money?

    Small businesses are able to get grants of up to $10,000. with EIDL (Emergency Injury Disaster Loan), and exponentially more with PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) grants. I call these grants...
  8. Mutations of coronavirus may make it difficult to create a vaccine

    A more contagious mutation of the coronavirus may be what had landed in the U.S. and is causing all the deaths.
    Scientists say a now-dominant strain of the coronavirus appears to be more contagious...
  9. Animals are getting frisky during coronavirus

    Mostly due to that human presence is receding, animals are roaming into areas where they would normally not be found, and enjoying themselves very friskily.
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    There may never be a coronavirus vaccine

    Certainly, there will be some sort of vaccine. And treatments. But given the nature of the virus and the disease, and that there never has been an effective vaccine for any past coronavirus, we may...
  11. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood ... pretty vapid, pretty rambling

    There was one good line in it though.

    Tex : I'm the Devil. And I'm here to do the Devil's business.

    Cliff Booth : ...Nah, it was dumber than that. Something like Rex.

    Cliff's line was...
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    Social Distancing until 2022?


    That seems excessive, but I do agree that until this thing is 100% contained with a vaccine, that things will not return to normal.
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    Coronavirus recovery rates seem skewed

    Look at this

    95% of those who contracted coronavirus in China recovered, versus just 7% in the U.S. Is this accurate, or a result of selective reporting by the Chinese government?
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    Interesting in that early this morning I was...

    Interesting in that early this morning I was having dreams of flying. Not in any kind of craft, but simply soaring by flapping my arms.

    But, this was a while before Kobe's crash which was at...
  15. US assassination of Iran's general Qassam Soleimani will only strengthen the regime

    The theory is - assassinate Iran's top military leader and you weaken Iran's ability to wage war outside its borders. True, General Soleimani was vital to Iran's military, and his absence will, at...
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    Irreversible (2002) meaning? Gaspar Noe

    This is a graphic, violent French movie (subtitled in English) that opens with the murder of some kind of sadistic sexual predator in a hellish gay club, and travels back in time to reveal the reason...
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    Why do Hawaiians love SPAM?

    No, not the unsolicited email, the salty canned meat.
    You'd think that with all the fresh fish available on the Islands, they'd eschew something as unhealthful and processed as Spam.

    Well, it...
  18. Testing external titles with PHP-FM on: 13 Times...

    Testing external titles with PHP-FM on:
    13 Times Apparent Trump Supporters Attacked, Harassed Or Plotted To Kill Muslims | HuffPost
  19. Testing pictures 66 67 68

    Testing pictures


  20. Testing URLs for external titles...

    Testing URLs for external titles
  21. This police officer, on the other hand, used...

    This police officer, on the other hand, used restraint and did not draw his gun, even when attacked by a gang of teens. He assessed the situation properly, as not requiring deadly force. Deadly...
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    Introducing mdawg

    MDawg is a new member here who approached me with the idea of a sub-forum devoted only to gambling, and Vegas. We may spin this off into its own devoted website forum in the future, but for now,...
  23. Joker with Joaquin Phoenix may disappoint on some levels

    As I watched the dark cello playing violence of Todd Phillips' Joker unfold, I rode with it mostly because I followed it as the story of how Batman's Joker became the messed up criminal that he is -...
  24. El Paso Walmart shooting at Cielo Vista Mall: what really bothers me

    What really bothers me about this is the ability of some scumbag to walk into a public place and shoot up twenty people dead. But how to stop it?

    We're a frontier descendent arms right bearing...
  25. Instagram is contributing to the Malcontentedness of Today's Society

    The “Instagram celebrity (and pseudo-celebrity) set” is a great part of why the youts of today are malcontent. They see those plastic surgery and photoshop enhanced faces and bodies dripping luxury...
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