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  1. $113.4 million lottery winner dead at 72 after an unhappy life

    Several times, he was quoted as saying he wished he had torn up the ticket.

    From Powerball winner to scandal: Jack Whittaker dies at 72

    This guy took in $113,400,000. in 2002, on a powerball...
  2. People don't seem to mind. "No shirts, no...

    People don't seem to mind.

    "No shirts, no shoes, no mask, no service."

    is the new mantra.

    Here's what it was like on the Las Vegas Strip on the first day of Nevada's mask mandate

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    Inside the Edge thoughts

    Thoughts on Inside the Edge…and that’s why I would never want to make a living at gambling. What a grind! Unlike KC, I never had to move beyond the invited guest / high roller stage because I never...
  4. Coronavirus positives at casinos among casino staff

    Cosmopolitan, two concierges:
    Two Cosmopolitan employees tested positive for coronavirus last week in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Sahara, three positives in Cafe:
    Northside Cafe at...
  5. Masks now mandatory at all Vegas table...

    Masks now mandatory at all Vegas table games...because of those who flaunted the suggestion to wear them!

    Nevada gaming regulators require masks to protect casino workers | Las Vegas Review-Journal
  6. Masks will be mandatory at Vegas casinos at table games

    Although Baccarat is not mentioned specifically (blackjack, roulette, craps, poker are mentioned), Masks will now be required for all players where there is no plexiglass barrier between players and...
  7. Mayfair Supper Club closed Bellagio restaurant worker tests positive coronavirus

    Mayfair Supper Club closed after Bellagio restaurant worker tests positive.
    Mayfair closed after Bellagio restaurant worker tests positive | Las Vegas Review-Journal

    Does NOT sound edifying.
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    Wynn Vegas buffet reopens

    Wynn buffet re-opening June 18th.

    Table reservations accepted. You pick what you want from a menu and it is...
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    Status of Vegas casinos post coronavirus

    A friend of mine went into Wynn/Encore Thursday, June 5th, and reported a couple of things.

    Since we're all real players, we were looking for how the table games are going. Other than some...
  10. Treasure Island Vegas suing insurance carrier over coronavirus related losses

    Treasure Island (TI) Las Vegas suing insurance company for denying COVID-19 pandemic losses | KLAS - 8 News NOW

    T.I.'s policy was from March 2019 - March 2020, and they filed the claim, which was...
  11. The tables games utilized no plexiglass, but had...

    The tables games utilized no plexiglass, but had three per table seating only, to keep people apart.

    There were more than a few completely empty table game sections.
  12. Morongo casino reopens in Southern California

    I stepped into Morongo which is one of the larger and nicer Indian casinos in southern Cal, although nothing to compare with anything good in Vegas. I went for a commando photo raid.
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    Las Vegas casinos reopening June 4, 2020

    All of the majors are reopening, including the places I play at, Cosmopolitan, Venetian, T.I. and Wynn/Encore (but not Palms, they will open later).

    Judging by what I saw in a Southern California...
  14. UNCUT GEMS with Adam Sandler, Julia Fox - frenetically flawed masterpiece

    Any gambler who has been in over his head, which means pretty much – any gambler, is sucked into the Safdie’s brothers’ frenetically flawed masterpiece, Uncut Gems. And if gambling isn’t your bag,...
  16. Doesn't seem like a winning formula for the...

    Doesn't seem like a winning formula for the casinos - 50% occupancy, no nightlife, social distancing, and increased sanitizing and cleaning costs....
  17. Coronavirus or no coronavirus I'm making more money right now than ever

    I've set into motion the wheels of income such that already more is coming in these days, and should be through at least the end of the year, than ever. Within every crisis, there is great...
  18. The Palms will not be among the first Station...

    The Palms will not be among the first Station Casinos to open - it will remain closed for some time....
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    MDawg's stock trading ways

    I have held continuously many blue chip and tech stocks such as AAPL NFLX GOOG/GOOGL AMZN going back as far as 2006-2007. Before that, I mostly traded, although I did hold some stocks continuously...
  20. Treasure Island must think it's...

    Treasure Island must think it's something...declares opening May 15th
    Treasure Island planning to open May 15 | Las Vegas Review-Journal

    while Venetian, is refusing any reservations before May...
  21. Wynn/Encore actually already had temperature...

    Wynn/Encore actually already had temperature sensors at all entrances in March, shortly after we left on our last trip there, so this is nothing new.
    Coronavirus: Wynn Resorts are using thermal...
  22. Doesn't sound like fun! I would not go. Wynn...

    Doesn't sound like fun! I would not go.

    Wynn Resorts CEO calls for Las Vegas Strip to conditionally reopen in mid- to late May
  23. Proposed coronavirus measures for Vegas reopening

    These are the summary rules for Las Vegas:

    •All guests must wear masks (provided free by the resort)
    •Thermal cameras will take everyone’s temperature at entry, anyone running over 100 degree...
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    As mentioned here...

    As mentioned here
    Vernon, author of "Baccarat Made Simple" (self-published, $9.95 paperback), says that,...
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    The post script for both of these players - the...

    The post script for both of these players - the girl I know as a friend, and her local Las Vegas resident friend - is a total loss, of everything they brought or had available to play with, before...
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