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  1. Trump's got jelly in the belly - reeeal scared suggests delaying Nov 2020 election

    What a joke. Certain of failure, desperate to avoid indictment post-loss, Grump suggests delaying the November 2020, election.
  2. DUI stop in Las Vegas nets six pounds of heroin

    The cartel is going to be pretty upset at this guy for drinking on the job!

    Troopers find 6 pounds of heroin during DUI investigation | Las Vegas Review-Journal
  3. Kanye losing it already. Kanye West Breaks...

    Kanye losing it already.

    Kanye West Breaks Down, Makes Dubious Claim About Harriet Tubman at South Carolina Rally
  4. Testing autotagger URL Its too late for Kanye...

    Testing autotagger URL
    Its too late for Kanye West to appear on the ballot in 4 states - Business Insider
  5. Or does it? ...

    Or does it?

    Kanye files in Oklahoma!
  6. Looks like it means nothing. Kanye West ‘drops...

    Looks like it means nothing.
    Kanye West ‘drops out’ of presidential race after scoring just 2 per cent in poll

    “He’s out,” Steve Kramer, who was hired to help West get on the ballot in Florida...
  7. Sweden's Failed Experiment with dealing with coronavirus

    Sweden becomes an example of how not to handle COVID-19

    No lockdown, equals = more deaths, no better off economy.
  8. Why I DO think Biden will defeat Trump despite recent polls

    This is the story from Fox correspondent Pete Hegseth, that "Trump supporters are laying low until the election in fear of the...
  9. Kanye West running for President 2020 - what does it MEAN?

    What does it mean? Not much.

    He's already too late to run in several major states including Texas and New York, and needs a lot of signatures on ballots to get on the ballots in other states....
  10. Which type of face masks protects best against coronavirus?

    The primary protection a mask provides is against transmission. This is why everyone's wearing a mask is what really matters. If just one person in the room is infected, and not wearing a mask, all...
  11. Immunogobulin is another new treatment for coronavirus

    Healthy, young dad spent five weeks on a ventilator; he has a message for the public this Fourth - The San Diego Union-Tribune

    Not just blood plasma with antibodies, but superdoses of concentrated...
  12. Multi millionaire Steve Bing commits suicide

    Steve Bing Dies: Film Financier Philanthropist Jumped From Century City Building, Authorities Say

    Just goes to show how money isn't everything. Had a multi millionaire childhood friend living...
  13. Trump rally stadium - kinda on the empty side

    Trump back in rally form in Tulsa, but the promised crowd doesnt show

    Trump back in rally form in Tulsa, but the promised crowd doesn't show

    Not looking too goood!

    Missing from his...
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    Does Grump even want to win a second term?

    Does Trump Want to Fight for a Second Term? His Aides Worry.

    Apparently not - either he's becoming uninterested and given up, or he's become a doddering old fool who no longer knows his ass from...
  15. Ivanka Trump's use of personal email account for government business haunts her again

    Disturbing’ Ivanka Trump Emails Resurface In Wake Of Bolton Book

    It's back! in the wake of John Bolton's The Room Where it Happened are renewed disclosures not only that Ivanka used her personal...
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    The world has changed!

    The world has changed!
  17. President Grump desperate to silence Bolton's The Room Where It Happened

    Federal prosecutors ponder criminal charges against John Bolton - The San Diego Union-Tribune
    Nonsense of course - when in the history of the U.S. has free speech been so under attack?

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    ECMO treatment for coronavirus

    This patient
    Blood Plasma treatment for coronavirus
    we knew was too weak to be transported to receive ECMO, and died before he could be flown to another hospital for this treatment - oxygenating...
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    Coronavirus death rate more like 4%

    As of June 6, 2020

    In Los Angeles, CA, the rate is:
    43,052 confirmed cases, deaths 2042, which is 3.7%

    In California,
    120,000 confirmed cases, deaths 4422, which is also 3.7%

    And in the...
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    The 42 year old nephew of the 62 year old who...

    The 42 year old nephew of the 62 year old who died, also died from coronavirus. 42 years old no preexisting health conditions, but overweight.

    The 42 year old was on a ventilator with the machine...
  21. Grump is finished. "Would be very surprised...

    Grump is finished.

    "Would be very surprised if this is a one or two day event / this may well be the beginning of end of [President Donald] Trump loathsome era - thank god - feels like many...
  22. Looting in Los Angeles during Black Lives Matter George Floyd protests

    Some take the high end from the Apple Store,

    others settle for extra virgin olive oil....
  23. in connection with violence, threats, alleged...

    in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults

    ABC News finds 54 cases invoking 'Trump' in connection with violence, threats, alleged assaults
  24. Is it okay to not wear a mask in public during the coronavirus crisis?

    Sure, and just as we the public shouldn’t have to expend much money to scrape the remains off the asphalt of motorcyclists who refuse to wear helmets, so should we not be expected to spend too many...
  25. The real reason people are protesting the death of George Floyd

    This is a protest against President Grump. People are sickandtired of the divisive road that has led us to this point, as anger erupts against the establishment.

    All of this hate has been...
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