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  1. Grump in bad shape as he loses summary judgment in New York civil fraud trial

    The essence of the New York civil fraud case against Grump's organizations is that he/they grossly exaggerated the value of its assets when making loan applications, and then grossly undervalued the...
  2. Which party wants to eliminate the filibuster?

    Chris Christie warns that if Biden wins the election, that the Democrats will push through a number of changes, including eliminating the filibuster.

    Chris Christie warns if Trump wins the GOP...
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    No bueno.

    No bueno.
  4. Trump arrested, booked and released at Fulton...

    Trump arrested, booked and released at Fulton County Jail in election case

    Trump arrived at the jail shortly after 7:30 p.m. ET in a presidential-style motorcade and was booked, fingerprinted and...
  5. FOUR. Count 'em. Four. Indictments. ...

    FOUR. Count 'em. Four.


    Georgia charges Trump, former advisers in 2020 election case | Reuters
  6. The third time's decidedly not the charm! ...

    The third time's decidedly not the charm!

    Grand jury charges former president in 2020 election probe

    and let's not forget that his second indictment includes new charges!

    New charges for...
  7. Grump indicted a second time! Donald Trump...

    Grump indicted a second time!

    Donald Trump indicted on 7 counts in classified documents probe | CNN Politics
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    All appeals / stays as far as avoiding prison...

    All appeals / stays as far as avoiding prison while on appeal apparently exhausted.

    Court rejects Elizabeth Holmes' latest effort to stay out of prison while on appeal
  9. President Trump guilty of sexual assault and battery

    Found liable to the tune of $5M for sexual battery against Jean Carroll.
    Donald Trump has been found liable for sexual abuse. Will it change anything? - Vox

    Not the first time!
    Former White...
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    David Bowie documentary Moonage Daydream

    There is a new (2023) documentary Moonage Daydream about David Bowie out. Quite good entertaining in depth film about the inner Bowie and his creative process.

    I’m still of the opinion that...
  11. Joe Hunt of Billionaire Boys Club - sociopath or misled by Dean Karny

    When I saw the 1987 movie version of Billionaire Boys Club I was convinced that Joe Hunt was the sociopathic ringleader of the BBC, and fully culpable for the murders of Ron Levin (I don't buy that...
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    The act didn't work, was convicted, appeals...

    The act didn't work, was convicted, appeals seeking a stay denied, going to start her 11 year federal prison term soon.
  13. President Trump indicted and the domino effect of further indictments

    Grump had been indicted!

    Donald Trump indicted; 1st ex-president charged with crime

    This indictment concerns hush money paid to porn star Stormy Daniels and the concealment of the same, but...
  14. President Trump clearly responsible for January 6 riots

    Jan. 6 report says Trump floated plan for 10,000 troops to protect him - recap of findings

    Down the line, one by one, Grump clearly fomented and was criminally responsible for the January 6th...
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    Elizabeth Holmes dizzy and dumb act?

    Do you think she is trying to look dizzy and dumb to seem like she didn't know what was going on, or is it not an act and she is fact dizzy and dumb?

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    Tarantino declares 7 movies "perfect"

    Quentin Tarantino Reveals What He Thinks Are the All-Time Seven "Perfect" Films

    Tarantino revealed that in addition to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, his top seven films include, Jaws (1975), The...
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    The Great Escape (1963)

    If you haven't see this already, you should! I compare it with Bridge over the River Kwai, although not quite as entertaining. Then again, The Great Escape is a true story so they didn't have as...
  18. Thread: AxelWolf

    by mleus

    Don't really follow all of this but Axelwolf...

    Don't really follow all of this but Axelwolf sounds like a real winner.
  19. Burning Man 2022 a heat and dust fest in the middle of the desert

    Never been - but, why would I ever want to go?

    Temperatures up to 105 expected at Burning Man

    Dust storm nearly derails marquee event at Burning Man

    Let's pay thousands of dollars to hang...
  20. Roe v Wade overturned and we are going backwards

    Years from now this sort of thing will be looked back upon as the return of Dark Ages morality.
  21. Jerk Off Trump tested positive for coronavirus before debate

    Grump went into the debate with Biden knowing full well he was contagious with coronavirus.

    The Guardian: Trump tested positive for Covid-19 ahead of 2020 debate with Biden - CNNPolitics
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    Would like to watch Hard Times (1975) too,...

    Would like to watch Hard Times (1975) too, haven't had a chance yet.
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    Films of director Walter Hill

    I recommend at least:

    The Driver (1978)
    The Warriors (1979)

    Also of course 48 Hours (1982) and Johnny Handsome (1989), but The Warriors is definitely an oddball Clockwork Orange -esque...
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    MDAWG I thought you were a Baccarat guy? You...

    MDAWG I thought you were a Baccarat guy? You taking no prisoners at blackjack too now?
  25. Biden goes too far with suggested reporting requirement for all bank accounts

    A couple of members here messaged me about this, this morning. And I comment:

    Banks should not be forced to disclose every single transaction over 600 dollars at year's end, not in any form shape...
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