pdub is once more, in isolation

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by , 09-17-2017 at 02:40 PM (8517 )
This time what the Dub as he is affectionately called by most of us did, is shoplift a gun, lift thousands of dollars of gold chains from a jewelry store while it was open, steal a car, and do some other felony thefts (not necessarily in that order), leading to four state cases and one federal against him, which looks like will ultimately lead to that proverbial nickel in Lexington (which, this time, at least so far, he is far from doing complacently).


But then, when you're pdub, and as he's been described as one who "Lives like a thief, and will die like a thief," well, what can you say? It is his lot in life.

The Delphi Oracle (at least the part about KNOW THYSELF) applies to Pdub. (Also the term yabayabo - you're a browner and you'll always be one.)

Still, pdub has lived his life quite deliberately, and experienced more than most in some very intense years. "It's been a good life" even if he has nothing to show for it, at least nothing tangible. He is now paying the price for all these years burned so brightly with some quiet time, inside.


  1. mleus's Avatar
    Pdub will have completed, not an entire nickel in Lexington, but close...on his release later this year.
  2. mleus's Avatar
    Pdub is out, and home!