1. Grump is going down hard

    Already indicted twice, pending a third indictment in Georgia - who is he kidding? He might as well just concede that he's going to be in prison, not the White House, soon enough!
  2. pdub is once more, in isolation

    This time what the Dub as he is affectionately called by most of us did, is shoplift a gun, lift thousands of dollars of gold chains from a jewelry store while it was open, steal a car, and do some other felony thefts (not necessarily in that order), leading to four state cases and one federal against him, which looks like will ultimately lead to that proverbial nickel in Lexington (which, this time, at least so far, he is far from doing complacently).


  3. Writing in 2012

    This is the year when I hope to edit and publish the thousands of pages I've written over the last two.

    Stand by!
  4. One of our writers is in, so to speak, isolation

    Well anyway Isolation is what the French call Solitary Confinement (from Henri Charriere's Papillon). Yes, sadly, one of our contributing writers is currently locked up.

    But that won't stop him from writing. He will be mailing me his material, to be posted online! He might even be more prolific now that he has the time to concentrate.

    Well, why not? Many fine books
    have been written in prison.
    -Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  5. Weary in the evenings

    For example tonight, I did write up a little anecdote, a little tidbit, on something that struck me today.

    but by and large - I'm beat! It's 11:30pm and I'm not going to be writing much more tonight. Will take care of some business that had best be completed before tomorrow, watch some TiVO, "tear it up" and then have, as Charlie Sheen might put it, a restful sleep.

    But ...
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