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05-15-2016, 09:36 AM
Well there is a tide in the affairs of men - if you know that quote from Julius Caesar - which means that when the crest is at its highest you're supposed to push upwards and onwards. This is known as the clutch in gambling the pivotal point where you have the chance to take it all but only if you press it. At such times must press hard or else be doomed to failure or mediocrity.

But there are also times when that crest is not sufficient to push you on and is the high point of the session. To push on further will just lead to erosion.

Knowing or sensing the difference, ay there's the rub.

01-21-2020, 08:43 AM
I'll admit it I had to steal some of your words in talking about this myself, but - you're exactly right!

03-30-2020, 12:13 PM
Back then, (by back then I mean before I took about a decade hiatus), when I was playing really big, the way I wound up over all ahead is that I kept my money at risk pretty consistent at $20,000. I had one trip where I got them for just a tiny bit under a half million, and more than a few trips when I won over a $100,000. I had a few trips where I won around $60,000. The rest of the trips I'd either win around twenty or lose the full twenty, these were mixed, and more or less cancelled out. They just never managed to get their win money back from me, and when I quit because I had too many opportunities in real life I needed to pursue and couldn't keep spending so much time in Vegas/Tahoe, I was very much ahead. I also didn't really like the stress of the high average bet action, another reason I gave it up. I did miss it for about a year, but after a year had passed by I really didn't think about much, if at all. And we kept going to Vegas and Tahoe but I never gambled a penny until 2018, when I started up again.

Back then too, the value of the comps alone was probably a couple hundred grand a year. But, it was my entourage of friends and my gfs who enjoyed most of that, I just cared about winning. Back then I was on a plane to Vegas or Tahoe every other week, or just stayed there for a month and a half and didn't come back. https://www.gamblingforums.com/proxy.php?image=https%3A%2F%2Fvegascasinotalk.com% 2Fforum%2Fimages%2Fsmilies%2Fredface.png&hash=2011164d9e8144d2fc0681559a615249

A lot of my friends were amazed that I could have kept going to Vegas after I quit and not gambled, but I am very disciplined and once I make my mind up about something I follow it. Same goes for how I play today. Very disciplined.

This past couple years I haven't had the huge wins but I haven't had any losses yet either.

I like to write about my past. Even if no one ever read a word, it still is fun to relive by writing.

04-02-2020, 07:55 AM
If we could only learn the secrets ... The Secrets!

04-02-2020, 01:18 PM
Mdawg: I do know you from other sites and found a link to here from your youtube channel.

There is a constant claim that you are likely misrepresenting things, and your constant rebuttal that you prove what you say. It occurs to me that this is not going to change for either party.

One thing you never do, I believe, is acknowledge that these people have valid points. You are well educated and must know this - I guess you have your reasons. I suspect it is possible you do have secrets you do not reveal. Or perhaps you really enjoy 'getting their goat'

Care to comment?

04-15-2020, 12:47 PM
Hi Odium, lately those other forums have turned into name calling exercises, and I haven't been posting over there quite as much!