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  1. The James Crowley / Henry Louis Gates matter
  2. Report: Cheney felt Bush stopped taking his advice
  3. 'Death to Obama' Sign Holder in Md. Detained
  4. Bush aides played politics with terror alerts
  5. The Magic Sixty Number in the Senate
  6. Israeli Mossad arranges assassination of Hamas leader
  7. Arizona implements immigration law as feds push back
  8. Mitt Romney's 'You Didn't Build That' Hypocrisy
  9. Ann Romney knows: Can a speech by a woman, for women, draft female voters for Mitt?
  10. Mitt Romney suffering from loss of brain power - and voice during second debate
  11. Romnesia
  12. Domo Arigato, Marco Roboto
  13. Clinton welcomes the chance to run against Trump
  14. Trump's Supporters mostly rednecks
  15. Trump support figures hideously low across the board
  16. Trump acts as own spokesman and first impulse is - to lie
  17. Trump mean spirited shyster who takes advantage of the working man
  18. Trump failed at most every business he has attempted
  19. Trump against gun control yet says When will we get tough, smart & vigilant?
  20. Mark Cuban wrong about Trump - Trump backpedals all the time
  21. Trump broke - even Mark Cuban knows it to be true
  22. Trump incredibly corrupt
  23. Trump administration destroying the environment and Earth
  24. Trump and Roman Emperor Caligula much in common
  25. Trump wants to get rid of the filibuster
  26. Trump himself retweets a tweet calling him a Fascist
  27. Obama's tweets popular. Trump's - not so much
  28. Like a little kid, Trump grabs his marbles and skulks home
  29. At least Bush, Sr. apologizes for misconduct Trump simply lies
  30. Why Trump barely comments on white terrorists but calls Muslim terrorists animals?
  31. Everyone knows Trump is a sexual predator
  32. Trump regime wants the communists to assume control in Iran?
  33. Trump won the 2016 election due to less than 80,000 votes across three states
  34. Michael Cohen is telling the truth about Trump
  35. Trump biggest loser in history of U.S.
  36. Why work when the government is handing out free coronavirus money?
  37. The real reason people are protesting the death of George Floyd
  38. President Grump desperate to silence Bolton's The Room Where It Happened
  39. Ivanka Trump's use of personal email account for government business haunts her again
  40. Does Grump even want to win a second term?
  41. Trump rally stadium - kinda on the empty side
  42. Kanye West running for President 2020 - what does it MEAN?
  43. Why I DO think Biden will defeat Trump despite recent polls
  44. Trump's got jelly in the belly - reeeal scared suggests delaying Nov 2020 election
  45. Billionaire is dead wrong - the professor gets it right, Trump will lose
  46. The Trump regime - you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy
  47. Melania Trump is a whore and downright mean spirited individual just like Trump
  48. Joe Biden's best reelection strategy against President Trump
  49. President Trump pilfers art that turns out to be fake
  50. President Trump hates shaking hands with the disgusting people who are his supporters
  51. Trump Biden polls
  52. Trump supporters fearful of any voters at the polls
  53. Buy a pair of Patagonia limited edition shorts...
  54. What is annoying is not just that Trump paid only $750. in taxes for 2016
  55. Trump has been losing money every year since 2012
  56. Vote him out! then...Lock him up.
  57. Trump blows Presidential Debate by fomenting uncertainty
  58. Does Trump really have coronavirus?
  59. Trump is losing - badly