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  1. Mdawg is a high roller who two years ago got back into it!
  2. Introducing mdawg
  3. Playing for Comps
  4. Rolling between two casinos in November 2019
  5. Wynn Parlor Suite
  6. New Year's Vegas trip
  7. MDawg's friend not doing too well in Vegas
  8. February 2020 Vegas trip
  9. Does tipping affect your bottom line
  10. MDawg's Recent Win/Loss in Vegas
  11. Vegas post coronavirus lockdown
  12. Fall 2020 Vegas trip
  13. Circa Las Vegas grand opening October 2020 MDawg will be there
  14. What is it about looking at all that free crap they gave you that makes you feel good
  15. Vegas 2021
  16. MDawg's 2020 Vegas Casino wins VERIFIED
  17. And this is where gambling will lead you if you're not careful
  18. Winter Spring 2021 Vegas Trip
  19. MDawg the Vegas resident
  20. Shout out to the Dawg from WOV
  21. Las Vegas really is just a desert
  22. Mdawg Blackjack Challenge
  23. Winter 2021 - 2022 Vegas Trip