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  1. London police make arrest in jewelry heist
  2. Ex-inmate injured trying to sneak back into jail
  3. Whitney Heichel is Dead
  4. 82-year-old veteran burglar gets 6 years in jail for latest heist
  5. Party-boy king 'shoplift' spree
  6. Dallas Socialite Charged With Shoplifting - It's all about the hunt
  7. Man Faces Life In Prison For Stealing $31 Worth Of Candy
  8. It's hard to get hold of the police on a non Emergency line, or even on 911 sometimes
  9. Oscar Pistorius Sentenced to Six Years in Jail for Reeva Steenkamp Murder
  10. US Police shoot to kill too often and too indiscriminately
  11. While crime rate in the US keeps rising, in Netherlands it is almost nonexistent
  12. He looks out for his family, but went too far
  13. Metal detectors in hotels? Check on guests with Do Not Disturb signs?
  14. Man rigs packages with shotgun blanks to stop thieves, is this permissible?
  15. Bill Cosby convicted partly due to poor trial strategy of Thomas Mesereau
  16. Why did Suge Knight accept a 28 year plea and sentence?
  17. Off duty LAPD cop overreacts guns down man and entire family over argument at Costco
  18. El Paso Walmart shooting at Cielo Vista Mall: what really bothers me
  19. Senator Burr served with search warrant as he is probed for insider stock trading
  20. Looting in Los Angeles during Black Lives Matter George Floyd protests
  21. Not all the Po Po are the enemy
  22. Combative cop Shurr who should never have been one shoots to kill needlessly